How to add a sculpture to your establishment

If you’re looking to add an extra wow factor to your establishment, you should consider a sculpture.

Done well, a sculpture can help make your bar, restaurant or public space more memorable.

You don’t have to go big. A sculpture doesn’t have to be large and in your face to make a difference. On the other hand, if it suits your establishment and you have the space, then why not?

The Mare Pool has installed a firepit which acts as a stunning centrepiece and creates a lovely, cosy atmosphere. It’s very modern and luxurious which echo’s the bar/restaurant’s theme.

Fire pit at The Mare Pool

On the other side of the spectrum, Pryzm & Curve Nightclub has a big, bright red horse as a feature. This is excellent for a vibrant nightclub. It will get attention from partygoers who are on the look out for a new selfie opportunity.

Horse sculpture at Pryzm nightclub

A feature sculpture might be just what you need if you have a blank wall or empty space that would benefit from a bit of embellishment. That’s exactly what The Mare Pool has also done here.

Sculpture at The Mare Pool

You should remember that your outside space is just as important as the inside. You can really make your outdoor area something special if you put the time and effort into it. Sculptures don’t have to be made from solid metal or stone material, you can interpret one however you want.

Plants and greenery will never go off trend outside – that goes without saying. If you don’t have the space or utilities to plant flowers and bushes all around, opt for a large plant pot like this one at The Acorn. It fills what would be a blank space, and reminds you that you’re outdoors. It’s hard not to appreciate a nice plant.

Plant pots at The Acorn Inn

You can take it one step further and decorate your plant centrepiece. This one at the Moon in the Square (PHOTO1) is one of our favourite examples of an outdoor sculpture. It’s trendy, eye-catching and has a double purpose. It creates a stunning mood light when it gets darker, making your outdoor facility feel comfortable and memorable.

Outdoor sculpture at The Moon in the Square

If you’re looking for advice on how to include a sculpture contact us or get to know our team and what we do.