How to get the best out of your wall partition

If your venue has a wall partition running throughout, you have a great opportunity to create a wonderful identity for your space.

Rather than viewing them as an inconvenience, embrace those walls and integrate them into your design.

If you have a full block wall decorate it so that it’s in-keeping with the overall theme. You can however be a bit more eccentric in the decoration because it’s a smaller portion of wall. Like this one using a gold wallpaper – it adds an aspect of grandeur and complements the general colour scheme without being too garish.

The Standing Order Wall Partition

Having the natural material on show – particularly brick – often looks fantastic whether the wall is fully filled in or has a decorative divider, like this example. This can be showcased in a variety of ways, such as the whole wall, which is the case here, or styled so that some sections are visible depending on your theme.

Pasta di Piazza wall partition

This particular wall at Pasta di Piazza also incorporates a stunning and unique bamboo decoration which highlights our earlier point of making your venue memorable. This restaurant has made the most of the empty area whilst still appearing spacious and stylish.

If your wall partition isn’t a block wall, you can use it to create light and give the illusion of more space. We love the partition at the Mare Pool. It helps to break up what is a very large room and looks more interesting.¬† The design uses neat, vertical lines which results in a very smart, elegant centrepiece.

Mare Pool wall partition

If your venue doesn’t have a partition but is a large space which would be well complemented by one, this design at The Winter Seam is a fantastic example of a wall used well. It’s curved too which adds texture to the landscape of the bar. It covers the stairs which lead to the toilets, keeping them subtly separate from the main social space. The sleek wood is a timeless design which suits most spaces. The same bar also has a decorative glass bottle wall which again adds a unique and relevant element to this particular venue, making a large space more interesting and eye-catching.

Winter Seam wall partition

The possibilities are endless with wall partitions, your creative side can really shine through if you give it enough thought.

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