Make your refurbishment stand out from the crowd

You’ve spent a lot of money on refitting your establishment – so don’t let the small details fall by the wayside.

The finishing touches are just as important to complement all of the hard work that has gone in to making your bar / restaurant / pub look top notch, so you should ensure it is properly furnished.


Don’t play it safe and go for a standard fitting which is the same all the way through your business. A good light fitting can become a real focal point and add the wow factor to a room.

Whether you opt for a chandelier or something different entirely is up to you but don’t feel restricted. If you see something you like, try and picture it in various locations – chances are, it will look good in at least one room. You can have drop down light fittings in the bar area and then go for something such as these branch effect lights for the restaurant area to create a more romantic and mellow atmosphere.

Choosing a fitting which really creates a buzz, like this spectacular drop chandelier in Henry Tudor House can bring a whole new element to the room. It creates drama and elegance, making your restaurant instantly feel more high end.

Chandelier at Henry Tudor House


Again, when choosing chairs and stools, don’t feel like you should play it safe. Yes – opt for quality, you don’t want to be buying a whole new set again in a year but you can really mix it up here. Selecting nice, stylish chairs can also help to solidify your brand. Make sure you choose fabrics and colours which are in-keeping with your brand. It often looks great when a company chooses a colour scheme, so there is a mix of two or three colours running through the establishment. Often, our clients opt for chairs in a couple of colours and styles. There is a constant theme throughout but it doesn’t look too regimented this way. It adds character and style.

You can also opt for a range of block coloured and patterned chairs. If you can find some lovely seats with intricate patterns which match your colour scheme perfectly, it will look stunning, contrasting against other tables in the restaurant, like Pasta Di Piazza in Newcastle has done here.

Seating at Pasta di Piazza, Newcastle

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Choosing the right accessories can really set a space off. Big or small, the right options truly complete a room. Opting for tall seating to open out a bar area like this one in The Mare Pool and reducing floor tiles and giving a softer feel with carpeting allows for better visibility and customer comfort. It makes your business memorable and adds elegance, again, creating a high end feel.

Seating at The Mare Pool

Adorn your lovely walls with relevant art and you’re also on to a winner. Again, this restaurant is dressed with a selection of unique and simple wall art which finishes it off nicely.

Lovely decor at Pasta di Piazza, Newcastle

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